Episode 190: Martha Haney

Nov 29, 2020, 02:07 AM
It's another old timey murder from Alaina! But trust us, this one will have your jaw hitting the floor. Way back in 1897 Michigan, Martha Haney's struggle with her own illness reached the point of no return when she lashed out against an easy target, her 85 year old mother in law Mariah Haney. Let's just say that this one is rough. Good luck and good night, friends.

Alaina found this crazy tale while stumbling upon the writings of Rod Sadler, a retired police officer and true crime writer who has a very personal connection to this particular case. His writing is great. Here are links to all of his books including To Hell I Must Go, which is the book that sucked Alaina down the rabbit hole of this case.

To Hell I Must Go by Rod Sadler

A Slayer Waits by Rod Sadler

Killing Women by Rod Sadler

Rod's website



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