PC Episode 57 Pants-less Fight

Nov 30, 2020, 04:30 PM
 To concede, or not to concede, that is the question.  As we get more answers, we also have more questions.  And to help us sort out the wheat from the chaff, Ashley and Gary have joined the in the fun.  We explore wild topics including Hamburger Madness, Human Steak, Bikini Masks, Swishes Now Approved, and advice about Starbucks.  Oh, and three of us eventually surrender to Gary, who is the champion.  So befriend a barista, get that extra ounce, and stay Politically Corrected!  
#Election2020 #Starbucks #CheekSteak #Colorado #TwitterShameEm #InNout #Ouroboros #LimitYourPeople #Queen #YoureWelcome