Ali Rubinstein (Meow Wolf)

Episode 27,  Nov 30, 2020, 09:15 AM

In this episode of ‘RLI Talks’, Jayne speaks to Ali Rubinstein, the Co-CEO and Chief Creative Officer at Meow Wolf. Meow Wolf creates immersive experiences and art installations, and Ali discusses the new exhibitions opening in Las Vegas and Denver next year - their most ambitious to date. With a background of working at Disney in the Far East, Ali also talks about which markets excite her the most when it comes to further expansion. 

Stories are at the heart of what they do and Ali talks about how this desire to lead with narrative also sits at the heart of their new Omega Mart concept - their new grocery store in Vegas. The store will be a traditional store in the sense that you can buy real products - but the experience will be a very different one to the norm.