“There is a clear correlation between poverty and difficulties with learning and gaining access to learning”

Dec 03, 2020, 06:00 AM
My guest this week is Richard Rose, Professor Emeritus in Inclusive Education at the University of Northampton, UK. Many of my Irish listeners will know Richard from his work as Principal Investigator with Professor Michael Shevlin on Project IRIS, a longitudinal investigation into provision for children with special educational needs in Ireland. Richards work, however, extends far beyond Ireland as he has more than twenty years’ experience working in several parts of Asia and particularly in India on research and development projects related to provision for children from marginalised populations.

In this podcast Richard describes how we should exercise caution in how models of inclusion are transferred across different cultures. He talks in depth about the need to work with communities in order to develop equitable approaches to inclusion in a way that’s respectful to people from different cultural backgrounds. He finishes our discussion by stressing that we need to provide further examples of how inclusion can work alongside current theoretical models.

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