EP 7: How to stop sabotaging yourself with Charlie Haynes

Episode 7,  Dec 04, 2020, 07:00 AM

Are you someone who struggles with procrastination or any other kind of self-sabotage, especially when it comes to your creative work? If so, then you’re going to love this week’s episode! 

My guest today is Charlie Haynes. Charlie is founder of Urban Writers Retreat, offering writing retreats and online courses helping people to ‘sit down and do the work’, which I know, sounds terribly simple, but often, it can be the hardest part of the creative process. And as someone currently in midst of writing my second book, I can speak to this challenge personally.

Charlie is the creator of ‘Writers Block Detox’ - a four-week online adventure helping people fall back in love with writing. As well as the hugely successful, ‘6 Month Novel’ an online programme taking you from idea to first draft in just 6 months.

I’ve been to a few of Charlie’s retreats and they’re brilliant. Having some quality uninterrupted time to focus on my writing, really helped reboot my creativity and get me back in the right headspace. 

We cover so much juicy ground in this episode but here are some of the highlights…

  •  We explore why it can be so bloody difficult to sit down and do the work, and why, the more that work matters to us, the harder it becomes to get out of our way and get it done. 

  • We talk about the importance of accountability when we’re embarking on a creative project, and how we all need to find ourselves some form of an accountability buddy.

  •  We discuss what ‘makes a writer’ and who gets to call themselves one, (SPOLER ALERT: If you write, then YOU GET TO CALL YOURSELF A WRITER!) We also talk about why this seems to be such a hard for thing for so many of us writer’s to do.

  • We look at some of the external and internal blocks that can stand in the way of our creative goals and how we can start busting them all up!

I loved this conversation SO much, and I really hope you enjoy it too. 

Christina X

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