EP 8: Exploring the edge of your comfort zone with Steve Garratt

Episode 8,  Dec 11, 2020, 07:00 AM

You often hear people say ‘do one thing every day that scares you’ or ‘to succeed you need to wave goodbye to your comfort zone’, but when it comes to our creativity, just how far out of our comfort zone do we really need to venture? 

Well, on the podcast this week I’m talking to Steve Garratt about that very subject (among lots of other creative things, of course)! Steve is a writer, director and founder of Studio Giggle; a film and animation studio that creates award-winning, immersive and interactive content. Steve is a creative through-and-through and not just in one creative discipline but in many, which is one of the reasons I wanted to have him on the show. I wanted to understand how he finds the time, the headspace and the creativity to keep so many projects live at any one time, all the while still juggling his full-time creative job. 

This is a fascinating conversation that covers some serious ground on the subject of creativity, we talk about…

  • Creative collaborations and how finding the right creative partner can elevate your game

  • The real role of a creative (and it’s not necessarily what you'd think!)

  • How picking your battles can be the key to maintaining creative integrity when it comes to working with clients

  • How to pitch your ideas so that people aren’t saying ‘no’ all the time

  • Why relationships are so important when it comes to creating work you love

  • And of course, we talk all about comfort zones; when and who should be in it, when and who should be out of it, and why sometimes, just going to the edge of it is all that’s needed for creative growth.

Whether you work in a corporate environment, a creative one, or like Steve, creatively straddle both, this episode is crammed full of so much ‘behind the scenes’ insight about creativity and the role of a creative, it will have you thinking in a whole new light…whichever side of your comfort zone you’re currently living. 

Happy listening!

Christina X

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