Space Penguins and the Kinnula Humanoid

Season 3, Episode 4,  Dec 02, 2020, 09:00 AM

What do you get if you cross an Among Us Character and a Zoo?  You get Space Penguins of Tuscumbia of course.

What about if you cross an Among Us Character and Lumberjacks?  Well that would be the Kinnula Humanoid.

Two opposite ends of the world, with one in Missouri and the other in Finland, but could these two events have more in common?  Could understanding the two help us gain an understanding of or visitors?

Find out and #JoinTheObscure

Special Shout out to Rob Morphy for bringing this to my attention.  Check out his podcast, the Cryptonaut Podcast if you really love those strange strange creatures and aliens. Find them here: Cryptonauts Podcast

Thank you again to Jon of Ragnarok Rings (and More) for the fan art.  To check out his collection of rings, go to his website here.

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