Jersey strikes the balance

Dec 03, 2020, 10:29 AM
Unquote has partnered with Jersey Finance to record a second podcast. Funded by members of the local finance industry and the Government of Jersey, the not-for-profit organisation works to represent the interest of its 160 member firms, encourage best practice, and help the local industry develop.

Elliot Refson, head of funds for the organisation, discusses the blend of innovation and stability that the island offers to private equity, from the firm’s AIFMD stance, to its brand new ESG product. We also discuss Jersey's no-change outlook in the face of Brexit.

0:00 – Intro 
1:54 – Brexit, substance and transparency 
4:57 – Exclusive: Jersey Finance’s new ESG product 
9:44 – International outlook

Unquote would like to thank Jersey Finance for sponsoring and contributing to this episode of the podcast.

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