Biden’s multilateralism means speaking nicely; nothing to do with morality. Victor Davis Hanson: @VDHanson; @HooverInst, Hoover

Dec 04, 2020, 03:01 AM
Image: Diplospeak: Leonid Brezhnev (left) and Richard Nixon (right) during Brezhnev's June 1973 visit to Washington, DC, a high-water mark in détente between the United States and the Soviet Union
Victor Davis Hanson: @VDHanson; @HooverInst, Hoover Institution, and The Case for Trump,in re:  Diplomats say: Multilateralism, now brought back by the Biden administration. Used antithetically to what they see as Trump unilateralism. What it actually means is are you speaking nicely to allies and associated nations?   Britain was multilateral until June 1941.  Has nothing to do with morality.   We have a lot of allies with us in Afgh right now, but it hasn't had a cost-benefit . . .  Israel’s position has worked out better. The notion that Trump has  ruined relations is erroneous Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, other nations, say privately that Trump’s concrete actions have worked most favorably.  Obama: “Lead from behind.”  Cf: Libya, Syria.   North Korea is n longer saying it’ll incinerate California Even Europeans are admitting that they’ve been remiss in failing to pay the committed 2%. The world that Trump is leaving to Biden is a lot stabler than the world that Trump inherited.  The US has been the best country in the world in carbon footprints.
       There is no EU: it's a euphemism for Germany.  “We’ll pay 1.3%not 2%, and you’ll send your nineteen-year-olds to defend us from Russia while we buy gas from Russia.” 1860, 1914, 1939, and now today: a lot of anti-Americanism in Germany, “Americans are crude.”