Conversations With Dez - with Jason Inskeep, Director 5G Center of Excellence, AT&T Business

Dec 08, 2020, 01:59 AM
I caught up with Jason Inskeep, Director of the 5G Center of Excellence
at AT&T Business, to discuss the latest trends, business & technology challenges and opportunities organisations should be talking about from within their board rooms down, both strategically and operationally.
We kicked off with my usual "get to know you", Jason shared some amazing anecdotes and background from his early life, influences and key things which shaped his life, peers, mentors, and wonderful insights into his life growing up in a rural farm environment, and the solid foundations his parents and in particular his father gave him - all of which has clearly held him in good stead through his life so far, all of which I can relate to from my own life - we had a lot more in common than I had anticipated in fact, a very pleasant surprise.
Our conversation then delved into three key focus areas which I've been keen to discuss with Jason for a while - including:
#1 - What does “Mobility” mean inside the AT&T Business 5G Center of Excellence
Our first key topic sees us delve into the broad topic of enterprise mobility - and by “mobility” we often immediately think of the smartphone B2C consumer handset market, but here we actually discuss key topics around the B2B space, in particular the value and impact digital cellular network mobility offers enterprise business consumers, looking to leverage 5G for edge networking and IIoT strategies.
Jason also addresses how AT&T Business define mobility right now, and gives us a view into what some of the buzzy bits around enterprise mobility are, as well as the less well known value propositions, as well as clarity around what are perhaps the more important aspects for enterprise business to be aware of.
And then with all of that in mind, I ask Jason to give us some insight into the impact and opportunities he and his team at AT&T Business are seeing across all industries and market segments, to help inform organisations looking to invest in mobility to gain business benefits from it.
#2 - Key challenges businesses face in leveraging mobility solutions
Here Jason shares a fantastic overview of what’s happening in the remote access, BYOD/endpoints/security, legacy 2G/3G etc, insights into what industry wide has been a massive need for real investment and attention in all of these in light of what this year has required with the likes of Work From Home or Service Workers on the front line be it in retail or healthcare and how AT&T Business as a whole and more specifically, now he and his team at the AT&T Business "5G Centre of Excellence" have address this space internally, and how they have supported customers through the year that has been 2020 and the various challenges it's presented thus far.
#3 - Impact of 5G powered edge networks & vast IoT device networks
Mobility now includes 5G powered edge networks & vast IoT device networks, here I discuss with Jason some examples of concrete use cases they are seeing currently such as video intelligence, etc.
We also discuss a range of other potential use cases Jason thinks organisations should be looking to that they may not currently be taking advantage of, any outliers that he and his team are seeing which might not be immediately obvious but are high value opportunities with mobility.
And we wrap up with a view of what do Jason thinks is coming over the horizon in the next 12 months, in particular what business & technology / telecommunications decision makers should be considering as they look to the short to medium term future.
Tune in now for all of these amazing topics and more.
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