2021 Trends & Predictions by Maxine Holt, Senior Research Director, Omdia

Season 3, Episode 7,  Dec 08, 2020, 01:59 PM

COVID-19 accelerated the cloud journeys of enterprises large and small. As part of this settling-in, security functions are peeling back the sticking plaster that did what it could for security in the early days of the pandemic, and are focusing on building more sustainable security for the expected continuation of remote working and changed business operations. Omdia research undertaken midway through 2020 found that during the pandemic, remote working accounted for 54% of the total employee base for organizations, up from a pre-pandemic level of 18%. Moreover, plans for post-pandemic showed that 34% of the employee base is expected to be working remotely. As 2020 has progressed and cloud journeys have accelerated, then the biggest challenge has been the security surrounding these newer ways of working and actually finding the staff with cloud security skills and expertise. With the recent high profile Manchester United cyberattack, ransomware isn’t new but its really grabbing attention right now and this isn’t going to go away, unfortunately.