On the Road to Baku: The shelling made Barda stronger; we're resilient, coalesce around our leaders, will never give up. Ilham Mummadov

Dec 09, 2020, 05:47 AM
Image:  Nezami Ganjavi  (1141–1209)   Scribe: Habib Allah ibn 'Ali ibn Husam.  
Alexander the Great in Nushabah?s Pavilion in Barda'
On the Road to Baku:  Ilham Mummadov, Deputy Governor of Barda District, Azerbaijan, in re:  In the Barda district, a front-line district before the Line of Control moved far forward.  Heavily shelled and rocketed. First shelling was on 5 October.  First, I express my gratitude to you for visiting our region during this difficult pandemic time, and for delivering our message to the world.   Between 10 and 11 PM the shelling began; nine people died. Numerous casualties; several houses were utterly demolished.  There’s no military activity in the Barda district, so I have to conclude that this was to terrorize you.  Our estimate is that more than 130 houses were damaged, half quite destroyed.   In general, infrastructure was damaged. The people of Barda: this made us even stronger; we're resilient, and coalesce around out leaders, will never give up. We’re not afraid of Armenian terrorist attacks. Bombing does not work.