Charles Horvath-Allan

Dec 14, 2020, 12:35 AM

What happened to Charles Horvath Allan? A man who went missing in Canada over 30 years ago.

In our first episode we hear from the mother of a man who vanished in Canada over three decades ago, that man was Charles Horvath Allan. This episode takes us across the Atlantic into British Columbia’s backpacking circuit and into the life of his mother Denise who is still desperate for answers, and explores fresh hope in the form of a new cold case unit determined to find answers. With your help, this case could be solved.

If you have information on any of the cases covered in the podcast, please visit, where you can find contact information as well as contribute and discuss on the Locate International forum. 

The Missing is a Podimo podcast series hosted by Pandora Sykes, produced by What’s The Story Sounds and made in association with investigation specialists Locate International and the charity Missing People.