On the Road to Baku. Starship performed perfectly; a major triumph, and the next model is ready to launch. Robert Zimmerman, BehindtheBlack.com

Dec 11, 2020, 04:48 AM
Robert Zimmerman, BehindtheBlack.com; in re:  Starship excitement.  It's big, reminds me of a 747, seems to lumber through the air.  For Starship, it was one of the slowest. Its engines are so powerful it needn’t go fast.  In return, it hit the landing pad perfectly, but insufficient engine power to slow it down enough, so it crashed on arrival. But all good. A ninth prototype ready to go in less than a month.  Elon Musk moved from California to Texas. Hayabusa: turned out very well. American scientists will get to see samples from the asteroid, which comes form he early Solar System, and lets us begin to set out the timeline of the Solar System, maybe line up events with asteroids.  Israel’s Beersheeba1 but failed, but will try again in 2025, an orbiter and two landers Company is a nonprofit, is seeking funding from the UAE.  Sunspots: last month was the most active since 2017, when the solar minimum began.