Episode 8

Episode 8,  Dec 12, 2020, 03:12 PM

Presented by ABfit coaches Adam Bates and Ben Howard the show will bring you a range of content from key information relating to physique progress, training and nutrition as well as our views on coaching and latest industry trends! But that is not all! ABfit is renowned not just for the incredible visual results of their clients, but also the impact on all other aspects of their clients lives.  So we will also touch on mindset, human behaviour, business and more with the aim to not just help you look great but to also live a fulfilling and inspiring life!

In episode 8 we give you some absolute gold for advanced trainees! We have discussed previously the foundational elements particularly mind muscle connection and now we give you the keys to successful training programming! Why use particular lifts, what mechanisms are they focusing on, how do we structure our programme based on individual feedback and recovery.  How often should we train a body part? When should we change the exercise selection?  What rep ranges to use and much more!

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