E60: Joe Wicks on Addiction, Childhood Trauma, Depression And World Domination.

Dec 14, 2020, 05:30 AM
This week I have a recurring guest, the man who helped the lives of people around the globe during lockdown when they needed it most, Joe Wicks. After we last spoke he achieved his dream and has recently been awarded an MBE but when it had finished it led to Joe feeling lost and a notion of lack of purpose, he still has struggles that on the surface you would never imagine he had!

Joe talks open and honestly about addiction, childhood Trauma and depression. These are just a handful of topics we cover in this week's episode, this is the Joe you don't know. Honestly, this is one of the most EMOTIONAL discussions I've ever taken part in and you need to hear it. 

- Achieving my ultimate goal in 18 weeks
- Feeling lost
- Goals going forwards 
- Your childhood 
- You must be really busy 
- Marriage, tell me where I’m going wrong
- Therapy 
- Psychedelics & mental health  
- If you were to die today what would you regret
- Social media
- What roll does money play in your life?

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