Discussing Psychedelics, Camper Vans, Social Media and even a bit of Property With Remi Coghiel

Season 2, Episode 4,  Dec 15, 2020, 07:00 AM

From an Ebay entrepreneur to diving instructor to then making 95k on his first property project, we interview the super authentic Remi Coghiel to hear where he’s been, what he’s done and where he wants to go - and it’s awesome!

What you are in for:

- Having always had an entrepreneurial side. You’ll hear how Remi started a good-sized Ebay business importing products from China to then sell on Ebay (Even if it was possibly not 100% legal) and how this helped move him forward onto bigger and better projects

- How Remi has always been a big believer in Mindset and Visualization. Even before making 95k on his first property project he always knew he would be a property developer - and he’s well on his way now!

- How using Psychedelics has changed his mindset and the way he views the world. Going from being materialistic to buying £20 coats at charity shops and how it’s made him appreciate what is truly important in life.

- We discuss the good and bad sides of property training, the trend of property guru’s and the brag book side of social media - Is it good or bad? 

- And MUCH more!

This one is worth a watch on our Youtube channel for a tour of one of Remi’s current projects!

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