Confirming Hayabusa 2 sample return of asteroid dust. Robert Zimmerman,

Dec 16, 2020, 04:03 AM
Image:  Artist graphic of the asteroid belt, part of Dawn Mission Art series. NASA/McREL
Robert Zimmerman,; in re:   Hayabusa 2 has samples; scientists are taking it apart very carefully. In the capsule’s entrance was black asteroid dust.   Still in orbit around the Sun and will be sent to another asteroid. 
      Osiris Rex, still near Bennu, will come back in Sept 2023.  
      Chang’e 5 got Moon samples, did autonomous docking. Final manoeuvers to send the return capsule back to Earth, will land midweek in Chinese-occupied Mongolia.  
      Moon: geological history of the Moon:  Bennu and Ryuku samples: carbonaceous asteroids made of primordial material from earliest Solar System.  Many feature s discovered about Mars in the 30- to 60-degree mid-latitudes resemble glacier features on Earth. Sharad is a radar instrument that can sense water below the surface.  Here, confirmed that water is present, as a sort of desert, like Antarctica. Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter: possible subsurface lava tubes?  East of Olympus Mons (biggest volcano in the Solar System).  Tons of eruptions all around.