The Thrill Of The Hill - Enhancing Peatlands

Jan 20, 06:01 PM
Scotland’s land and topography presents challenges for upland farmers across the country, but in many ways, it is also a blessing in disguise. Peatland, while not conventionally productive, provides important habitat and ecosystem services for farmers and the wider general public, retaining water, capturing carbon and providing important niche habitat for national priority species. Sustainable management of peatland will contribute to Scotland’s climate goals and mitigate against biodiversity decline. In this episode of the Thrill of the Hill series the Farm Advisory Service (FAS) talks to the project coordinator for the Ayrshire Coalfield Environment Initiative, Daisy Whytock about a range of topics and issues, conflicts between woodlands and peatland, the importance of peatland as a carbon sink, responsible peatland utilisation and the role of peatland for pollinators.