Potatoes: What do I get for my levy?

Episode 233,  Dec 21, 2020, 07:00 AM

In this episode we speak to three levy payers about areas of AHDB’s most important and valuable work: marketing, storage and SPot farms. 

The growers ask questions and challenge the work being done by AHDB.

First part - Marketing
  • Alison Levett – AHDB Potatoes Interim Chair 
  • Nicola Dodd – Senior Marketing Manager for Diary and Crops 
  • Michael Welham  - Farm Manager for Fairfields Farming Company

Second part - Storage 
  • Adrian Cunnington – Head of Sutton Bridge Crop Storage Research 
  • Tim Rooke  - Grower North Yorkshire

Third part - SPot farms
  • Tim Isaac - Knowledge Exchange Director
  • Danny Nichols - grower from Beeswax Farming

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