January Body and Sweatscopes

Dec 25, 2020, 05:00 AM
In this episode, I unpack the astrology of January 2021 from a holistic wellness perspective. January is a busy celestial month with a lot of tension between the mind and body, requiring preemptive nourishment and self-kindness.

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  • (7:06) January big picture: Stop-go-stop-go
  • (17:41) Capricorn anatomy, exercise & nutrition
  • (22:57) January 1-10: Messages from the mountaintop
  • (33:56) January 11-17: Stalemate or patient wisdom?
  • (45:58) January 18-24: Bulldozer crossing
  • (52:08) January 25-31: Biting off what your nervous system can chew