Surviving Southampton and the Arsenal Antidote

Dec 22, 2020, 03:33 AM
Kevin, Andrew, and Joe discussed a less than inspiring victory against Southampton, a gritty performance that had it's fair share of concerning aspects but with some signs for hope of improvement. Then the discussion shifted to the Arsenal match in the League Cup this week, and there may be no better team to play to get City's attack back on track.

1:30 - Southampton Review
3:30 - Is Rodri Rated Properly?
15:00 - WTF was that backline?
30:45 - Bernardo? Bernardo? Anyone seen Bernardo?
38:30 - Is Sterling in need of a trip to the beach?
43:00 - Arsenal Preview
56:00 - Kevin’s Conspiracy Corner (Pep’s Lack of Substitutes)