Why Planning in 2021 is Necessary (And How to Plan for the Best Year Yet)

Dec 23, 2020, 08:00 AM
We can’t deny that 2020 was an absolute shit show and realistically, we still don’t really know what 2021 will bring.

But we never know what will happen in the future (we sure as hell didn’t think all this would be happening!)

If you're going to be a successful business owner, you have to run your business, despite the really intense things going on in your life and in the world. So that’s why we are sharing our tips on how to plan for next year.

We discuss:
  • The visual aspect of planning (yes, it involves highlighters)
  • Why you should only focus on a few things a year
  • Pity parties vs Resilience - which do you want?
  • The benefits to being an online business
  • The figureoutables moving forward

Only you can determine how next year will play out. Only you can plan to make it the best year yet. You got this!