Three Christmas Murders

Dec 25, 2020, 03:00 PM
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Christmas is a time to be with loved ones, give and receive gifts, and celebrate all that you have.  It’s a time when the year is coming to an end and soon everyone will be making New Year's resolutions.  All the songs are joyful and uplifting and all the movies are hopeful and full of love.
But we’re true crime junkies so we know that that shit isn’t real life and that real life is often terrible.  

So, in this time of comfort and joy, we thought our awkward army of 90s loving, true crime addicted listeners might be ok with the cheer-level being taken down a few notches just for a little bit while we talk about some Christmases that were far more horrific than they were merry.

And, we’re going to gift you with more than one case, in fact we’re giving you 3!  AND we’re going to switch off reading the cases.  So, Merry Christmas and let’s unwrap your first unfortunate gift.

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