The South Middleton Humanoids with Marc and Rob from the Cryptonaut Podcast

Dec 29, 2020, 08:00 PM
For every UFO sighting reported, how many many go unreported? Even more, how many of them become classic cases that are mentioned and written about for time immemorial? This case is one that has lived in obscurity since it was first written about. 

I stumbled upon it while perusing old issues of Flying Saucer Review, and I felt like I couldn’t cover it alone… so I asked my buddies, Marc Storrs and Rob Morphy from the Cryptonaut podcast to give me a hand.

In the late 70s, one family from South Middleton, Massachusetts went through a series of experiences involving strange “prowlers” creeping around their property, a UFO that sat on their property for a few days, grey-like aliens, and poltergeist activity.

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