We've got some news

Dec 30, 2020, 08:01 AM
Well friends, it’s been an amazing two years. When we met in 2018, we were newly in our businesses and wanted to share our journeys with you so you could learn from them.

We've had some amazing guests on the show over the years and dove into some fantastic topics.

Now with over 100 episodes under our belt we have some news to share.

As we enter a new year we want to say farewell to 2020 in a big way! This isn’t the last from us but it is the last of the 360 Health Biz Podcast. 

Take a listen on what we learned about ourselves and our businesses in 2020 and how we are applying that to 2021 and what that means for the 360 Health Biz Podcast.

Happy new year!
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