'Winner Is Never Who You Think It Is' - Inside Line F1 Parody Awards

Dec 30, 2020, 08:22 PM

Mithila joins Kunal in hosting our most-awaited episode - the Inside Line F1 Parody Awards!

There's awards and then there's the Inside Line F1 Parody Awards. We've been hosting our awards for eight years and the reason why it's become ever-so-popular is because 'the winner is never who you think it is'.

For this year's Inside Line F1 Parody Awards, Mithila and Kunal discuss the following categories:
1. Drama of the year
2. Joke of the year
3. Radio message of the year
4. Strategy of the year
5. Innovation of the year
6. Driver of the year
7. Victory of the year
8. Oops moment of the year
9. Mystery of the year
10. Influencer of the year

Grab a drink, sit back and tune in to the Inside Line F1 Podcast!

(Season 2020, Episode 68)

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Music courtesy: Lucien Byfieldt
Image courtesy: Mercedes