PC Episode 62 Circumcising the Election Results

Jan 04, 04:30 PM
Happy New Year!  Gary is back as we kick off 2021 with some airing of grievances and competing in feats of strength!  This week we cover important topics like New Year Pre-dick-tions, the rise of the anti-Christ, Antivaxxers Divide Differently, Unconscious Nail Painting, Greasy Gaming, Compromise and Circumstance, the King of Fans, Counter Sushi and Rival Kernels, a New Cat Sport, Nixon or Knicks Fans, 4H and 4Fs, and Radioactive Butter.  We even talk about what it was like long, long ago... in the 1990s.   So grab a bucket of chicken, turn on the fan, and stay Politically Corrected!  
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