3 Revenue Streams to Make Money From Music 2021

Jan 05, 12:50 AM
How did you jump into the new year? 

Are you focused on goal setting and figuring out new ways to make money from music 2021? 

Or have you set abstract targets for yourself to reach 10,000 followers and get a blue tick verification badge? 

In this video, I want to show you 3 different ways to make money singing online as a side hustle income on top of your 9-5. 

The aim is to: 
1) make money singing music by increasing your level of monthly streams
2) get paid for songwriting and make money singing from home as a freelancer
3) make money singing online videos with a Patreon fan-only subscription to your most loyal audience. 

Set a target to make £500 per month from each of these 3 revenues streams. Work out how much income 10,000 streams, 1 freelancer gig or 1 crowdfunding subscriber will earn you and measure that against your monthly goal. 

Once you reach your £500 target per stream, find out ways to increase the target in volume or create new avenues to earn a living! 

Are you fired up by watching this clip? I'll start working on a video of my favourite services you can sign up that help producers and songwriters sell their music as freelancers.