Flat Earth and a Spaceless Existence

Jan 06, 05:35 PM
Did you know that the earth is flat, space isn’t real and Disney is the same company as NASA?  Either did we.  We are bringing in the New Year with our first ever flat earth Expert.  Host of The Flat Earth Podcast, and creator of the all new app “Flat Earth Sun, Moon & Zodiac Clock,” David Weiss joins Drake and Jimmy on a wild ride through a spaceless, flat world controlled by the elite.  This will make your head spin!  See for yourself and let us know what you think about this show.  We highly recommend watching on our YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8TrfORI-31DhNBctRgmexg) because David Weiss had some great graphics and visuals to prove his points.  

Mad Love
Drake and Jimmy Jew

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