Flashback Robben & Key Icon Swaps Pointers #W14

Jan 07, 12:57 PM
FUT legend AirJapes and TheFUTCoach Steve Stokes, joins your host Ben plus this week's special guest, squad building legend and actual talent, Aaron West. 
They discuss the latest FUT content and news:
  • Key time saving Icon Swaps tips!
  • Squad Battles 'glitch'
  • Headliners arrives
  • TOTY is delayed
  • Flashback Robben reviewed
  • Freeze Firmino — worth it?
  • Flashback Ben Arfa review
  • A top tier max-pace midfielder for 50k
  • A Prime Icon that feels like coming home
  • Much more!

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  • Ben's first Elite 3 finish — reflections & tactics
  • Japes 4141 tactics
  • Having success with 'target man' strikers
  • Why tracking stats is fun & helpful
  • Footedness on CBs — important?
  • Manual FUT: experimentation and future
  • Plenty more!