Spitballers Classics: Food Fight To The Death! (Ep. 28)

Oct 28, 2019, 08:30 AM

Sorry Spitwads! With Andy extremely sick all week, we were unable to get the team together to record a new episode as planned. We will be back next week! Until then, enjoy another classic episode from the Spitballers vault. Come along as we re-experience a #Spitwad favorite! --- The wheels fall off today as these three idiots truly make some big mental errors for your enjoyment. We even find out some more embarrassing information about some of the musical preferences of Andy, Mike, and Jason. Ultimately, the real show is the FOOD FIGHT TO THE DEATH. They draft food that would be used in a battle. Who's food can kill the other two? You'll love this episode of the Spitballers Comedy Podcast. 


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