Barbados and East Caribbean tourism wiped out by the virus. @jmhumire, @securefreesoc, @MariaFdaCabal

Jan 13, 03:09 AM
Image:  Roseau, Dominica / drawn by Lieut. Caddy, Royl. Artilly. ; engraved by J. Harris. Tragically, Dominica, one of the most beautiful islands in the world, is now deeply compromised by Chinese bribery and corruption.
New World Report.Joseph Humire @jmhumire, @securefreesoc, and Senator Maria Fernanda Cabal @MariaFdaCabal, in re: Barbados and East Caribbean tourism is wiped out by the virus.     £3,000 fine for escaping Barbados’s covid laws.  Cali is partly closed; Mexico is largely closed. Not enough emergency beds—Peru, Bolivia, everywhere, including in the East Caribbean. The Dominican Republic closes down at 5 PM.  In 2019, Hurricane Dorian caused $3.4 billion in damage; the no recovery in 2020.   The Interamerican Dvpt Bank can help the economies a little. It’s a large tragedy.  Haiti is the poorest. China and Russia are working to gain strong footholds across the Caribbean.