Bringing creative and media together (but not just for big brands)

Jan 14, 12:43 PM

Simon Davis, founder of Walk-In Media, explains why a new generation of smaller "long-tail" advertisers should not be ignored by big agencies. Omar and Brittaney take a closer look at ad campaigns by Ikea, MacMillan, The Army, and On The Beach.

Campaign's media & tech editor Omar Oakes and creativity & culture editor Brittaney Kiefer take a closer look at the first major ad campaigns of the year. 

Then Walk-In Media CEO and founder Simon Davis talks to Omar about  his agency's recent merger with Agenda21 and how the big network media buyers are neglecting smaller "long-tail" advertisers at their peril. 

Davis says there has always been a desire from brands for agencies to offer  integrated creative and media services, but now there are more fast-growing direct-to-consumer advertisers that “need it now” as they look to expand through marketing.

Running order (click links to see the Work on Campaign's website):
9:00 Ikea "Fortune favours the frugal" by Mother
16:00 MacMillan Cancer Support "Whatever it takes" by AMV BBDO
22:00 The British Army "Fail, learn, win" by Karmarama
27:30 Where are all the January travel ads? (apart from On The Beach "Someday" by Uncommon)
30:00 Simon Davis interview

- Nils Leonard went topless with Iggy Pop at Cannes Lions in 2016

Snoop Dogg quiz:

IMDB informs us that Mr Dogg has appeared in ads for no less than 13 brands: 
XM Satellite RAdio (2002)
AOL (2003)
T-Mobile (2004, 2017)
Bel Company (2005)
Chrysler (2005)
Wonderful Pistachios (2011)
Burger King (2016)
Dunkin’ Donuts (2019)
Just Eat (2020)
SodaStream (2020)
Corona (2020)
The General Insurance (2020)
Tostitos (2020)

This episode was hosted by Campaign's media and technology editor Omar Oakes and edited by Lindsay Riley.

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