Ep. 30: Its ok to be a little "SELFISH"

Jan 15, 10:09 AM

*I do not own the music featured on here. *Picture credit: Jai Baby Soundcloud

First episode of 2021!!!!! 
Please welcome Jai Baby!
Learn about her Irrational Fears and a new, I.F. This Happened......

Thank you to the music artists featured on this episode:
Selfish (feat. Sotae) [Explicit]---Jai Baby
Dying Breath (I Can't Breathe)---Big Wyno, Mic Crenshaw & Anno Domini Beats
Trippin' (feat. Devmo) [Explicit]--Jai Baby
Ashley [Explicit]--Jai Baby
I Got (feat. Quey) [Explicit]--Jai Baby
Nightmares [Explicit]--IAMJORDAN
Vibin' (feat. Micah the Rapper) [Explicit]--Jai Baby