Conversation with 2 Great Golf Instructors

Jan 17, 02:00 PM
Why would one of America’s top golf instructors live in Minnesota 12 months a year? Isn’t the average golf season about a month or two? Well, we asked Eric Chiles that very question. His answer is hilarious. We also asked many other questions like: do you follow the rules to the letter? How do you deal with a client who really doesn’t want lessons? What are the major mistakes you see among weekend golfers? Boxers or briefs? So basically the conversation between Jeff Smith, Eric Chiles, (both great golf instructors) and John Ashton (the guy who is in this for all the free advice he can get) will help you prepare for the coming golf season, whether it lasts 12 months or 2, like in Minnesota. Another fun, funny, and informative Those Weekend Golf Guys Episode.