Success Through Rent to Rent - an Incredible Story | Interview with Stephanie Taylor

Season 2, Episode 6,  Jan 19, 2021, 07:00 AM

The downsides of sacrificing time for money is a realisation I imagine most people come to at some point in their life. Stephanie Taylor takes us through her life from earning less than £200 as a single mother to finding success through Rent to Rent.

What’s coming up:

- Listen to how Stephanie juggled being a single mother on less than £200 a month while still having the motivation to study at an open university and where that led her

- Discover Stephanie’s catalyst that finally made her look into property investment as a path for her and her family’s future

- We discuss the motivation and mindset behind her grind and determination - “The lines are a construct” 

- How Corona has affected her business, how she dealt with both tenants and landlord and how she stayed true to her morals

- Stephanie also discusses what strategies she will be looking at in the future and other future projects she has coming up

And Much More!

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Instagram- @Stephanietproperty

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