Mental Health, The Pandemic and Football - The Gimmick-Free Beesotted Podcast

Jan 19, 03:20 PM
Back after their winter break, The Beesotted crew - Laney and Billy the Bee - got together in the virtual joint for a wee catch-up.

No frills. No gimmicks. In fact all gimmicks were banned.

Beesotted ran a poll which stated that over 70% of people polled felt their mental health would suffer if football was pulled again this pandemic. 

We discuss the affect the pandemic has had on mental health and how football has helped to keep some people relatively sane. 

Plus the duo shot the breeze discussing FA Cup weekend.
Neal Maupay's shithousery over Leeds. Again.
And we chat to Vlogger Lewis Williams to get the lowdown on Luton Town