Humans of Infosec - Troy Hunt

Season 3, Episode 8,  Jan 20, 2021, 09:54 AM

Troy Hunt - Regional Director, Microsoft; Founder, HaveIBeenPwned
Troy is  frequently cited as an inspiration to many in this industry and he shares with us some tips on how to get ahead. One of the things he mentions is to think about your online professional presence where prospective employers are looking not just for what topics you’re engaging in for instance on Twitter, but also ‘how” you are engaging, are you writing code on forums and so on. A benefit of the pandemic has been that for some in the industry working from home has suited as some of us can be quite introverted by nature and so have proven that remote working can be extremely effective. Friction of change is lower when integrating new staff, and for employees wanting to change being able to market yourself around while being in one place has also been an advance. There are some big things we are seeing in Infosec, from IoT, through to the Ultimate Authentication scheme we are also seeing the zero trust principle playing out and less scruples on the part of nefarious parties.