“Stop Using Grey Carpet!” - Interview with Luxury Interior Architect Designer Ronni James | Part 1

Season 2, Episode 7,  Jan 26, 2021, 07:00 AM

London Born, Living in Zurick, Ronni James discusses how she built a business around her love of interior design, what it is like to operate in the luxury space and her tips for developers looking to up their Interior design game.
What we have lined up:

- We discuss how Ronni got started in Interior Architecture, how she worked her way up the ladder and what drove her passion for Interior design forward

- Ronni talks about her transition from working for a big firm to working for herself, where she envisions the business going and why she believes having a big team is not always a desirable outcome

- The importance of understanding not only the creative side of Interior Architecture but also the technical side and how they are both play a vital role in creating a luxury worthy outcome

- The politics involved in working in the luxury space and how Ronni manages relationships with clients, trades and her team

- We pick Ronni’s brain on how your everyday developer can set themselves apart from the grey on grey crowd and take their design to the next level by considering some very basic aspects of design

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