Static fire success for Starship 9. Robert Zimmerman,

Jan 22, 03:00 AM
Image:  1 & 2) conventional fixed platforms; 3) compliant tower; 4, 5) vertically moored tension leg and mini-tension leg platform; 6) spar; 7, 8) semi-submersibles; 9) floating production, storage, and offloading facility; 10) sub-sea completion and tie-back to host facility.
Robert Zimmerman,; in re:   SpaceX Starship serial number 9.  Aborted static fire test, Boca Chica.  The hop could occur any time in the coming days.  A very big booster.  NASA is using old shuttle engines in the SLS because Congress wanted to save money.   Elon Musk: even intra-Earth transport, taking off from the ocean.  Bought two ocean oil rigs, named them Phobos and Deimos after the moons of Mars.  Looking for employees, especially welders and people who are good with their hands. SLS. China: a commercial space entity that isn't. Pseudo-private companies allowed to raise private capital, despite being very much under the government (and thus the PLA).     Interstellar Glory Space, developing a liquid fuel rocket (probably using stolen technology).  Are these firms useful as cut-outs for espionage?