Achilleas Sirigos, January 24, 2021 - Chronicles from the Future - Time Travel Prophecy

Jan 24, 06:00 PM

Consider Time travel - a body isn't required - when Consciousness is the vehicle.

When I say - 'book mark the 1918 Pandemic' - this is what I find curious. Is there a potential synchronicity in the timing of our current COVID Pandemic to that of 1918 when cases of Encephalitis lethargica emerged? Still a mystery. General description and controversy is addressed here. Wiki.

Revealed in a diary, a future timeline so fantastic it will blow you away. Is it true? Achilleas Syrigos, editor of the first English version of Chronicles from the Future, says the story captivated him - not because of the chaos and catastrophes in the forecast - but because of the state of enlightenment humans manage to achieve.

Paul Dienach's Diary might be a game changer.

In 1921, Paul Amadeus Dienach falls into a year-long coma. His consciousness slides into the future where he 'awakens' in 3906 AD - in the body of another man.

When Dienach emerges from his coma, he has returned to 1922. All that he experienced or what he can best remember from that experience is written in his diary.

Ancient Origins published and promoted the chapters as the book was being readied for publication. Connect: @ancientorigins on Twitter.

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