Taking risks with Wahaca co-founder & Masterchef winner Thomasina Miers

Episode 16
Jan 25, 03:51 PM

Jimmy Carpenter chats to Thomasina Miers OBE, a cook, writer and the co-founder of the Wahaca chain of Mexican street food restaurants. She is also the first ever winner of Masterchef!

After trying to find a career in advertising, VAT consultancy, journalism and digital consultancy, "Tommi" finally met Clarissa Dickson Wright who told her to follow her passion.

Following trips overseas to Ballymaloe Cookery School in Ireland and to Mexico, she came back to the UK and ended up winning Masterchef before setting up her restaurants. However, it's not all been plain sailing, in 2016 people fell ill following an outbreak of norovirus, losing the company millions of pounds. Thomasina and her business partner Mark, have turned things around, giving them resilience for tackling the current global pandemic in 2020/21.

In this episode, you'll learn how the dots of your life join up, how to overcome failure, find your passion and about taking measured risks.

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