Democracy Debates: Is COVID-19 All Bad for Democracy?

Jan 28, 02:00 PM

Audio recording of the first Democracy Debate on "is COVID-19 all bad for democracy?," held online on 14 January 2021.

One year into the pandemic, this inaugural Democracy Debate assesses if COVID-19 has been entirely bad for democracy, and if it has been as detrimental as we had originally feared at the onset. The debate is led by Sarah Repucci of Freedom House and Anna Lührmann of Varieties of Democracy Institute, and moderated by Richard Youngs of Carnegie Europe. 

The new Democracy Debates series seeks to regularly convene debates among European policymakers and civil servants together with civil society, academics, and journalists, between sharply contrasted positions on different democracy-related challenges, in order to foster informed democratic debate and a more nuanced understanding of a diversity of viewpoints on such challenges. The series is led by the Open Governance Network for Europe - a joint initiative of Democratic Society and Open Government Partnership - with support from Carnegie Europe and the European Partnership for Democracy.

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