Audio Drama: Murder in Lockdown II

Jan 27, 08:45 PM
Featuring themes of domestic violence and attempted suicide...

It’s been five months since Bella Hickson killed her husband Connor and Police Constable Sean Cargill is still suffering the consequences. Meanwhile, Detective Inspector Alice Farmer is on Sean’s trail. Murder in Lockdown II tells a twisted tale of love, danger, and murder, against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic.

Murder in Lockdown II sees the return of Sean Alton as PC Sean Cargill and also stars Georgina Garton as DI Alice Farmer. Includes a cameo appearance by Zoe Hughes (Bella).

Murder in Lockdown II was written by Josh Whittingham, and produced by Jerome Whittingham @photomoments for HULL IS THIS.

The first episode can be heard on HULL IS THIS here:

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