The Reality of Serviced Accommodation - Startup Tips with Tom Webster | Part 2

Season 2, Episode 8,  Feb 02, 2021, 04:00 PM

Today we have an interview with our very own co-host, Tom Webster and discuss what happened when he tried his hand at Serviced Accommodation - A must-listen for anybody considering this strategy themselves.

What’s coming up:

- Tom shares his figures around his first Serviced Accommodation property from Purchase Price to how much rent he achieved each month

- Toms Top Tips for those considering starting out in Serviced Accommodation and what he would do differently, from baking equipment to variable prices

- The strategy behind Rent to Rent SA and how you could potentially make your capital go further

- Trails and tribulations of managing the property and the importance of having good, reliable people in place

- Listen to Toms nightmare with is FIRST ever booking, how he managed the situation and still got his 5-star review!

-And Much MUCH more.

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