The road to net zero: Part 1

Episode 10,  Feb 03, 2021, 12:01 AM

Governments, companies, farmers and individuals have already started to make changes to tackle climate change and help Scotland achieve net zero by 2045. The very nature of the challenge requires a long term plan spanning generations. Those entering the industry today will already be comfortable with the idea of climate change, carbon footprinting and net zero and these will become more important in food and agriculture in Scotland as we move towards net zero.
In this episode Séamus Murphy speaks Georgia Forsyth Sijpestijn an environmental graduate who recently completed an MSc in Agroecology and Organic farming. Georgia was a member of the 2050 climate group a charity seeking to empower Scotlands young professionals to become climate leaders. The conversation looks at where we are with the environmental impacts of what we eat and Scottish agriculture while also looking to what the future might hold.
Funded by University Innovation Fund by Scottish Funding Council.
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