With ...Christopher Biggins

Feb 05, 02:00 AM
Sally-Anne & Lou are back with another episode of SOS and as always , they are not alone. 
Joining them for another evening of quaffing and chat is none other than the national treasure known as CHRISTOPHER BIGGINS! 
It's no surprise to anyone that Biggins chose champagne as this week's beverage - and as it was recorded just before Christmas 2020, it added to the festive atmos - but what will the verdict be on the Lidl fizz our hosts sent to him? Will it be a spit or a swallow?
This episode is a delight, so pop a cork and immerse yourself in some delicious showbiz gossip from our esteemed guest; 
What is Joan Collins' drink of choice? What was it like to party with Princess Diana? Does The Queen like dirty jokes? Have a listen and find out ...