February 2021: Dr Miri Freud-Kandel, Zack Cohen (of Junior Bakeoff and Francesca Ter-Berg

Feb 03, 06:11 PM

This month Phil, Kate, Tony and Jon speak to Dr Miri Freud Kendal about her JW3 talk 'Faith in Lockdown: Building Blocks to a Contemporary Jewish Theology'. Which is on Monday 8th Feb at 7.30pm for JW3. Contestant on The Junior Bake Off, Zack Cohen, chats about his time on the show and what's next for him. Musician Francesca Ter-Berg talks about a successful campaign that has seen Margate Synagogue saved from development. Jewish Domestic Goddess, Denise Phillips gives a recipe for Purim and our Rabbinic Thought for the Month comes from Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg