Big Reviews, 68 goal WL player & Future Stars coming #W18

Feb 04, 02:20 PM

FIFA eWorld Cup Final Commentator Richard Buckley and competitive FIFA player XampL join Ben and the TheFUTCoach Steve Stokes, to dig into a huge week of content as it continues beyond TOTY on this episode:
  • Crazy pre-pod TOTY luck!
  • 1 player with 68 goals in 1 weekend league
  • TOTYHM Objective Grealish Review
  • TOTYHM Mane Review
  • Moments Boating Review
  • TOTY Ramos Reviewed
  • CR7 Flashback thoughts & potential
  • Is TOTY actually always a bad promo?
  • Future Stars on its way
  • EOAE Wayne Rooney
Supporters of the pod keep it going, get double the pod content (for just £3 a month), giveaways and more via Patreon over at! This includes a 2nd weekly podcast, this week focusing on gameplay tips:
  • The 4321 that got Richard his first Elite 1 finish
  • How to beat Park the Bus with player lock
  • How to press completely manually
  • How to finish chances (and why it might not be finishing that is your issue)
  • Timed finishing in FIFA21?
  • Defending corners: recommended defender and GK positions 
  • How to get a goal every 1 in 4 corners!
  • Loads more!